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1977 Honda CB 200

Deposit Taken£1,895

This is a low mileage CB200 that I first sold about 11 years ago.At the time it had just come out of long term storeage,and was recommissioned by the person I sold it to who only used it for a couple of years after which it was dry stored again until I recently bought it back.It's a really original 2 owner bike that hasn't been molested at all,and which has original paint,seat,rims,exhaust etc,and which also comes with original toolkit,service booklet and handbook.It was last used in 2008,but with a new battery fitted and a bit of fuel,it fired up very readily and sounds very sweet.It's a really nice looking machine,but not perfect as lengthy storeage has led to a bit of deterioration,but because of it's originality it really just needs leaving alone and preserving as is.

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