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1974 Honda CB 550 K0


This is a US import from New York that has been stored for the last 30 years,and which has recently been imported into the UK. It's a perfect starting point for a good quality restoration as it's so original and unmolested,and even has it's toolkit in situ under the excellent seat.The photos flatter the condition of it a bit,as the chrome has suffered from lengthy storeage,and whilst solid,is a bit pitted,and paintwork has also deteriotated,although still looks attractive.The exhaust is generally sound,but there are a couple of areas that have rusted,but it's not blowing .It does run,and the engine sounds fine,and has had battery, oil change and filter prior to starting.Tyres will need replacing,and brakes overhauling,in fact all the usual recommissioning that you would expect to do on a bike that has been unused for this length of time.Will come with NOVA and original Title.

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